The Futuristic Future of Skype for Business

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This past spring Microsoft Lync was renamed Skype for Business.  We came into work one day, and our Lync was now Skype for Business, which had an updated look and new features.  It was nice to see how seamless the change was, knowing that it would be seamless for our clients as well. And let […]

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4 Tips on Increasing Computer Security without an IT Guy

As a small or medium-sized business, you may think that computer security isn’t relevant to you, because you’re too small for anyone to target.  But really, you are the ideal target.  Because you have more sensitive data than an individual but less security than a large business, attackers will go after you specifically. According to […]

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The Target Market: How to Get Customers You’ll LOVE

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Recognizing your target market and developing marketing and sales strategies aimed at them is essential.  If you’re not doing this, you’re playing a game of darts blindfolded. To serve as an illustration, let’s examine a company that failed to focus on their target market. In 1996, McDonald’s created and began advertising the Arch Deluxe Burger.  […]

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Skybox Tips: Follow Folders in ShareSync

  ShareSync is a secure file sharing application that surpasses competitors like Dropbox and Box with its business-grade features and pricing.  With any file sharing software, businesses need features that will increase productivity and decrease unnecessary time expenditure. ShareSync’s Follow Folder feature eliminates the numerous emails that users must send to update coworkers on file […]

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3 Phone Features That Increase Sales for Small Businesses

The phone rings at your business, and no one answers.  Your customer leaves a voicemail, but nobody hears it.  None of your employees responds to the customer. It’s that easy. You just lost a sale. When a customer can access hundreds of businesses’ webpages by clicking the search button in Google, not answering the phone […]

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Everything You Need to Know About the Windows 10 Upgrade

If you have a Windows computer, you’ve probably heard the news by now. Microsoft is releasing Windows 10 on July 29th. As a business owner, what should you do? Is it easy to download? What features does it include? We answer all of these questions and more below. So don’t stress. Just read on.   […]

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