Office 365 vs. Google Apps: Which Is Best for Business?


I grew up on Microsoft Office. I used Office in middle school, high school, and college. I now use Office 365 professionally on a daily basis. To a lot of you, this probably sounds familiar, because Microsoft Office was the first office suite software in existence. Many of us were learning how to use computers […]

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Troubleshooting Website and Web Browser Problems


You’re trying to use your online software and it’s not working, or a certain website won’t allow you to navigate through the site correctly, or a page won’t load or is loading very slowly. If you use the internet, these problems probably sound familiar to you. And often, but not always, it’s an issue with […]

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How Skybox Increased Efficiency and Cut Costs for Faber Tax


Who Is Faber Tax Faber Tax, LLC is a tax firm that specializes in expatriate taxation. They are a small business, started by Ian Faber in 2014, that is growing rapidly because of their excellent service and industry expertise. They focus on creating personal connections with their clients to create trust and relationships. When we […]

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The Best Features of Microsoft Office 2016

office 2016

We’ve waited 3 years for it, and now it’s here. Welcome, Microsoft Office 2016. Queue applause. Although you may be underwhelmed when you first open an app from Office 2016, the new features, while subtle, make a huge difference in enhancing collaboration and ease of use. Microsoft has very obviously been focusing on eliminating the […]

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5 Reasons Why File Servers Are Hurting Your Business

Building a better future

Besides costing thousands of dollars more than cloud file sharing, file servers cripple companies with additional limitations. Here are five reasons why file servers limit your business. File Servers are high-cost and low-agility. File Servers are machines, and machines need maintenance and upgrades. And unless you are a tech expert, you will need to pay […]

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