This past spring Microsoft Lync was renamed Skype for Business.  We came into work one day, and our Lync was now Skype for Business, which had an updated look and new features.  It was nice to see how seamless the change was, knowing that it would be seamless for our clients as well.

And let me tell you, I was super excited about it.  Not only was the “new Lync” much more aesthetically pleasing, but helpful features were added as well.  It made my day.

Skype for Business has been a part of my daily work life since I joined the Skybox team in 2013.  My original opinion of Microsoft’s business messaging application was that it seemed superfluous – a not very necessary, extra thing that we just had because we’re a tech company, and we have cool stuff like that.

But I misjudged it.

I’m on day 740 since starting my work here, and I have used Skype for Business every workday.

When do I use Skype? Anytime I need to communicate with a coworker, but don’t want to take the time to email.  Anytime I make a call.  Anytime I want to show someone what I’m working on without them being in the room with me.  And many, many more scenarios.

Skype for Business is very simply one of the greatest business productivity tools that you will take for granted.  Why do you take it for granted?  Because it just works, and it becomes a part of your life.  It’s like having a reliable car.  Without it, I believe that minutes of my time would trickle away each day, which over the years, would transform into hours and days of time, like sand slowly leaking out of a broken hourglass.

Because of how Skype for Business has changed how I work, I am excited to share with you the below video.  This is Microsoft’s vision for the future of Skype for Business, and I am excited that myself, my company, and our clients will get to experience the future of Skype for Business, and everything it means for business communication.