Who Is Faber Tax

Faber Tax, LLC is a tax firm that specializes in expatriate taxation. They are a small business, started by Ian Faber in 2014, that is growing rapidly because of their excellent service and industry expertise. They focus on creating personal connections with their clients to create trust and relationships.Faber-Tax-Logo

When we first talked with Faber Tax, they were using Citrix ShareFile for file sharing. While Citrix ShareFile is secure, it is one of the most expensive file sharing solutions on the market, because Citrix security comes at a price. Besides the high cost, Citrix ShareFile did not integrate with Faber Tax’s other applications, and there was a limit on data storage for which additional monthly fees had to be paid to get more storage.

Besides the limitations that Citrix ShareFile presented, Faber Tax was also missing a full cloud solution. Without the cloud, they were unable to access their data and software from anywhere, and because they collaborate with clients all over the world, this was a serious problem.

How We Helped

After consulting with Faber Tax regarding their current technology and their unmet needs, we recommended our Custom Cloud Plan. Custom Cloud offers a full cloud solution that is personalized to a business’s particular needs. It is a hybrid cloud solution where users can work offline and online, using Citrix technology to provide military-grade security, but at a discounted price.

This resolved quite a few of Faber Tax’s problems including: cutting costs, enhancing security, providing offline and online access, easy scaling, and hosting for their desktop tax software.

But the customization was only one facet of their plan. We also created a tech environment for them with ShareSync file sharing, VoIP phones, ConnectID Single Sign-On, and Office 365, so that they would have all the solutions they need with the high security they required.Ian Faber

We recently checked in with Ian Faber, the president of Faber Tax, to see how the Custom Cloud Plan was changing his business. He told us that Custom Cloud not only significantly cut his technology costs, but it also increased his firm’s efficiency, allowing them to spend more time developing relationships with clients and serving their needs.  See exactly what he said in the case study we released this week!

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