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Skybox Technical Support is open 9am-5pm ET. We have a team of techies ready to answer questions or help with any connection issues.  It is first come, first serve and free of charge.  Leave a message and the response time is within one hour.


Skybox White Glove Service

gloveAre you a busy business owner that doesn’t have time to be shown how to run your cloud products?  Are you looking for someone to do it all for you and explain later?

At Skybox, our main goal is providing you with easy-to-use products that you can understand and manage on your own.  We send helpful instructions via email and we keep our Help Center up-to-date so you have the tools at your fingertips to manage your business tech products.  However, some business owners are too busy (rightfully so!) to do it all themselves.  We love helping our clients any way we can, so if you need us to get more involved, then Skybox White Glove Service is for you. Skybox has a great tech team that can record auto attendants, record voicemail messages, change auto attendant schedules, back up a computer, complete advanced MS Office tasks like Mail Merge, etc.

Prices are conveniently bundled into blocks of time so you only pay for the exact amount of service you use… no more wasted contracts!


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