Besides costing thousands of dollars more than cloud file sharing, file servers cripple companies with additional limitations. Here are five reasons why file servers limit your business.

  1. File Servers are high-cost and low-agility.
    File Servers are machines, and machines need maintenance and upgrades. And unless you are a tech expert, you will need to pay an IT guy to maintain your servers, and that gets expensive very quickly. On top of that, when your company grows, you will need to upgrade your server environment, which means more money invested in an always aging piece of technology.
  1. There Are No Guarantees That File Servers Will Work
    When employees can’t access their files, they can’t work. When employees can’t work, businesses lose lots of money. For every hour of downtime, small businesses can lose up to $12,500. Are you willing to risk that?  Unlike cloud file storage which typically guarantees uptimes of over 99.99%, file servers have no guarantees that they will work a certain percentage of the time. Consequently, it’s likely that your server could stop working for hours at a time.
  1. File Servers Are not Mobile
    Today’s mobile workforce needs immediate access to their data from anywhere, on any device. With a File Server, “mobile means logging into a laptop or dealing with the hassle of configuring a mobile device connection. And even then, it might not work with all devices.
  1. Sharing Files Outside Your Business Is Nearly Impossible
    Raise your hand if you need to send files to people outside of your company. If you didn’t raise your hand, it’s because you’re one of those “I don’t raise my hand even if it’s true” people, or you refuse to raise your hand for a blog post. The point is that businesses need to share files with people outside of their company all of the time, and many file servers do not provide this capability. Even if they do, it’s hard to set up. Yet again, file servers require additional investment in time, money, and energy.
  1. Collaborating on Files Is Very Difficult
    What happens when two people both need to work on a file? How do you prevent one person from overwriting the work of the other? With File Servers, you don’t have control over versioning and overwriting. It’s a chaotic mess and a drain on productivity. However, with cloud file sharing solutions like ShareSync, it is easy to collaborate on documents and save versions.

For these reasons, we would never recommend file servers to SMBs.  They are too expensive, outdated, and difficult to use.

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