ShareSync is a secure file sharing application that surpasses competitors like Dropbox and Box with its business-grade features and pricing.  With any file sharing software, businesses need features that will increase productivity and decrease unnecessary time expenditure.

ShareSync’s Follow Folder feature eliminates the numerous emails that users must send to update coworkers on file modifications for shared projects.  Additionally, it gives admins the ability to easily monitor changes.  By following folders, users see when coworkers or employees have edited files within those folders.  This makes staying informed of changes and updates simple, and consequently, increases productivity.

For a walk-through of using this feature, read our step-by-step instructions below.


Go to ShareSync web.  In the Files & Folders tab, click on the icon to the right of SHARE.

ShareSync Follow Folder 1


In the drop down menu, click on the Follow option.

ShareSync Follow Folder 2


Once you have clicked on Follow, a pin icon will appear to the right of the file.  This indicates that you are following that folder, and you will receive all notifications of changes to files within that folder.
You can unfollow a folder by clicking on the pin icon and then clicking the Unfollow Folder button.

ShareSync Follow Folder 3


Accessing notifications of folder changes is easy. If you are a Windows user, click on the small triangle on the lower right side of your computer and then click on the ShareSync icon.  If you are a Mac user, click on the ShareSync icon in your system tray.
This will open the ShareSync Notifications window.  In this window, you can see all notifications, including notifications concerning file and folder updates.  By double clicking the document in the notifications window, you can open the file location and view changes.

ShareSync Follow Folder 4

We hope you find this feature as useful as our management team and employees do. If you have any questions regarding file sharing or ShareSync, please contact us at