Faber Tax



Custom Cloud


 What They Do

Faber Tax, LLC is a full service tax firm specializing in expatriate taxation for individuals and corporate global mobility programs. Ian Faber started Faber Tax in July 2014, because he felt that the global expatriate tax world needed service approach centered on communication and cultivating relationships.

They focus on bringing expatriate tax expertise to the individual taxpayer, company HR/Tax contact and global employee through the “Faber Connection.


“Skybox brought our technology platform into the cloud era. Everything is located in one virtual environment that we can access 24/7 from anywhere around the world.  The ease in data access has increased our efficiency as a firm. We can spend more time building client relationships, which is crucial to our business model.”


The Challenges

Faber Tax did not have a true technology backbone. They were concerned about the security of their clients’ personal information and data efficiency. Their original file sharing solution Citrix ShareFile was costly, and did not integrate with their other business tools, which decreased their efficiency and made it necessary to spend extra time managing internal data rather than focusing on clients. Their main needs were:

    • Security. Since they work with clients’ financial information, Faber Tax wanted to know without a doubt that they were getting the highest level of security for their customers’ data.


    • Access to UltraTax CS from Any Location. Faber Tax uses a desktop version of UltraTax CS rather than a cloud version, because of certain features that the desktop version offers.  However, they required anywhere access to their UltraTax CS software, because they work with clients throughout the world. UltraTax CS desktop did not allow for anywhere access.


    • Effortlessly Scalable Technology. Because they are a growing small business, Faber Tax needed to know that scaling their technology system would be easy and quick with predictable costs, allowing them to focus on their clients while budgeting their technology expenses appropriately.


    • Offline and Online Data Access. While Faber Tax wanted the security and mobility that online cloud software provides, they also wanted to be able to access their data offline in case they did not have WiFi connectivity.


The Solutions

Faber Tax purchased Skybox Innovation’s Custom Cloud Plan. With Custom Cloud, their entire technology platform is located in one virtual environment that they can access anywhere and anytime.

They have a hybrid cloud system that allows them to access their files online and offline, while receiving redundant backups of data and high security.


  • By implementing Citrix cloud technology, Skybox Custom Cloud is run through a secure-by-design, encrypted, single-point access gateway.  Skybox was able to provide Faber Tax with military-grade security, which alleviated their security worries.


  • By implementing ShareSync, the business file sharing tool, they have a hybrid cloud solution that allows them to access their files online and offline, while receiving redundant backups of data and high security.


  • By taking advantage of Skybox’s revolutionary business tech plans, new users are setup easily by Skybox technicians at a set monthly rate per user.  These straight forward monthly plans allow Faber Tax to scale their business effortlessly while eliminating unexpected costs.


Since adopting these changes, their team has more time to serve clients, rather than managing business technology. All of their clients’ sensitive and private data is safely stored and backed up regularly, which gives them peace of mind. They trust Skybox to handle all of their business needs by providing integrated, innovative, mobile, and secure business technology.

In the global environment Faber Tax works within, they collaborate with clients in the Outback of Australia to the concrete jungles of New York City and London. The Custom Cloud Plan by Skybox provides them with secure anywhere access that they can count on.