Exchange, MS Office, and Custom Cloud


MartinPatrick3 was established in 1994 as a full service interior design firm, specializing in residential projects. MartinPatrick3 works on new construction and remodeling and they specialize in designing unique cabinetry, interior and exterior architectural details and finishes. Along with their interior architectural detailing skills, they also excel at the elements that make a house a home. From furniture, textiles, accessories and art, so it was only natural that they moved into another creative industry: fashion. In 2010, MartinPatrick3 opened a men’s store dedicated to making men look and feel their best, at home or around town. Their collection mixes furniture, apparel, apothecary, and other design elements in one attractive space.

The Challenges

A little over a year ago, MartinPatrick3 came to us wanting a cloud server because they were tired of paying an IT company to come in and manage their in-house server. Their server was getting old so they were looking at a large investment to replace it plus paying for the IT company’s time to install, update, maintain, and backup the new server. The bills for handling their in-house equipment and network were becoming larger, more frequent, and unpredictable in price. When we started talking to Dana Swindler, CEO of MartinPatrick3, about his main IT needs they seemed very straightforward and something that Skybox could easily handle.

MartinPatrick3 is a company of 20 employees that needed file storage and sharing, MS Office, MS Exchange and access to industry specific applications. More importantly though, Dana was looking for high quality customer service, predictable bills, mobile access and to save money. We were able to set them up with a custom cloud solution at a fraction of the price that they were currently paying. Within the first year we had already saved them 32% on their IT costs.

“We made the decision in the Fall of 2013 to transition from our file server environment to the Skybox cloud.   We were in need of a new file server, and did not want to incur those large expenses yet again, plus all the IT time.  In January 2014, we switched to the Cloud and never looked back.  We access all of our data from our cell phones, iPads or computers which has made life much easier.   The staff at Skybox never left us hanging when questions or issues arose.  We are a very happy customer! says Swindler.