What is Single Sign-On?

Single sign-on gives your employees a single portal for access to all their apps, with just one password to remember. www.watchsupergirlonline.com


Why is Single Sign-On important?

Any individual web app delivers tremendous benefits in terms of cost of ownership, user productivity, and IT agility. That’s why businesses have embraced the cloud so rapidly—56% of organizations use 6 or more SaaS applications—and why the number of very small companies using paid cloud apps is expected to triple in the next three years.

But the increasing number of cloud apps quickly overwhelms IT’s ability to ensure security, manage costs and maintain control.


Why is ConnectID the best?

ConnectID is much less expensive than enterprise solutions. But looking beyond that, it’s much easier to deploy, maintain and use.  No consultants are required, and no customization is necessary. Unlike enterprise services, deployment can happen in hours—or even in minutes. Users find the interface intuitive and natural, and quickly build it into their workflow.


How it works:

We give you to the tools to manage your employees’ apps.

ConnectID comes with over 1,500 apps preloaded, but breitling can easily add custom apps too.

ConnectID is very simple to install and use.

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