What is Custom Cloud?

A way to run your ENTIRE business from the cloud.  All applications, all data and all networking are managed by us on our infrastructure so you have nothing physically located at your business to maintain.


When do you need Custom Cloud?

Do you currently have software applications that you run on your local network or computers?  For example, accounting software, industry specific software, etc.

Do you want to be free of managing your own network and equipment or paying expensive IT professionals to manage it?

Do you have the need to access all of your business remotely?

Do you want predictable and affordable monthly IT bills from just one vendor?

Do you want to be able to setup or remove employees for your business quickly and without having to lift a finger?

Do you want the peace of mind that if your computer completely dies that all you have to do is buy another one, connect to the internet and all of your applications and files will be completely intact?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then our Custom Cloud plan is for you.


What does it include?

Email Services, Voice Services, ShareSync, ConnectID, MS Office, MS Lync, AND custom software applications.


What is Custom Cloud not?

Custom Cloud is not a server in the cloud that you have to install your applications on yourself and maintain just like a local server.  We do everything for you, and just present your applications and data that you need.

Custom Cloud is not a desktop in the cloud where you see a full windows desktop with menus and processes running.  We just present your applications and data that you need so you don’t get confused.


Dashboard instead of desktop

You will work from an organized and easy to use dashboard that will be the same on all devices.


Application Security

Skybox Innovations utilizes Citrix to provide one of the most secure cloud environments available. Your applications are actually isolated from the operating system. This means data that is in the cloud, stays in the cloud, no portion of your information ever resides in a web browser which is running on your computer and therefore would be vulnerable to hackers and viruses. Your applications will be run through a secure-by-design, encrypted, single-point access gateway.


Pricing is $165 per user per month.  Please contact a sales representative today to go over your specific IT needs.  Email sales@skyboxinnovations.com.