The Best Features of Microsoft Office 2016

We’ve waited 3 years for it, and now it’s here. Welcome, Microsoft Office 2016. Queue applause. Although you may be underwhelmed when you first open an app from Office 2016, the new features, while subtle, make a huge difference in enhancing collaboration and ease of use. Microsoft has very obviously been focusing on eliminating the […]

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5 Reasons Why File Servers Are Hurting Your Business

Besides costing thousands of dollars more than cloud file sharing, file servers cripple companies with additional limitations. Here are five reasons why file servers limit your business. File Servers are high-cost and low-agility. File Servers are machines, and machines need maintenance and upgrades. And unless you are a tech expert, you will need to pay […]

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Is Cloud Technology Right for Your Business?

If you have any awareness of technology, you’ve probably heard of the cloud.  You’ve most likely been bombarded with advertisements and IT people telling you to upgrade now.  Or, you may have been told that the cloud is unsafe and insecure and to never upgrade. Really, anyone could tell you anything about the cloud, and […]

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The Futuristic Future of Skype for Business

future tech

This past spring Microsoft Lync was renamed Skype for Business.  We came into work one day, and our Lync was now Skype for Business, which had an updated look and new features.  It was nice to see how seamless the change was, knowing that it would be seamless for our clients as well. And let […]

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The Target Market: How to Get Customers You’ll LOVE

Target Market image

Recognizing your target market and developing marketing and sales strategies aimed at them is essential.  If you’re not doing this, you’re playing a game of darts blindfolded. To serve as an illustration, let’s examine a company that failed to focus on their target market. In 1996, McDonald’s created and began advertising the Arch Deluxe Burger.  […]

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3 Phone Features That Increase Sales for Small Businesses

The phone rings at your business, and no one answers.  Your customer leaves a voicemail, but nobody hears it.  None of your employees responds to the customer. It’s that easy. You just lost a sale. When a customer can access hundreds of businesses’ webpages by clicking the search button in Google, not answering the phone […]

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